Courier Mail Drop Movers is a non-asset based provider of warehousing services maintaining contracts with various grade A warehouse owners in various locations across Egypt. We always exert the effort to allocate considerable resources to continually grow our warehousing capabilities in Egypt. Our facilities along with our operating standards provide you with safe, reliable & consistent logistics and distribution services.

We offer an extensive warehouse network that can provide you with an efficient solution for your storage requirements, whether for a short term or for a longer period of time. Our premises are located at strategic locations and are fully secured with 24-hour guarding and camera surveillance. Warehousing options are available to businesses of all sizes at low costs with guaranteed periods of service and reliability.

Features of our warehousing services:

  • Bonded warehousing
  • Non-Bonded warehousing
  • Open storage area for oversized goods
  • Container stuffing and unstuffing
  • Stock management and inventory forecasting and visibility
  • Consolidation of goods prior to export or local delivery
  • Distribution operations at peak efficiency
  • Finished goods storage and distribution

Why you should choose Courier Mail Drop Movers warehousing services:


We provide visibility across your operations to clearly identify areas of blockage and wastage, and come up with solutions that streamline your processes and ensure all key managers are kept fully up to date with all detailed information as well as KPI’s.

Time Saving

By using Courier Mail Drop Movers warehousing services, you will be able to devote more time to building your business, as we will provide all systems support and improvement, from merchandise receipt and identification, to inspection, verification, and distribution.


Our exceptional follow up, accuracy, and attention to detail, will ensure overcoming the problems of stock visibility and traceability, and will ensure improving picking accuracy, avoiding losses made through non deliveries, misdeliveries, returns and service level fines.

Process Optimization

Our experts will optimize operational processes and improvements will be seen in putaways, pick rates, stock accuracies, and fewer mispicks, which adds flexibility, shortens delivery lead time, and helps better meet customer expectations.

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