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The healthcare industry is one of the most challenging industries for its highly strict guidelines and requirements. At Courier Mail Drop Movers, Careful handling, absolute safety standards and full compliance with hygiene regulations take highest priority. Our highly trained and experienced staff know precisely what is required. So, even faced with these challenges, Courier Mail Drop Movers ensures you enjoy, not just fast transport, but a complete first-class service. We set globally consistent criteria and monitor the quality of the operational services to offer the most reliable and up to date supply chain solutions customized to your specific needs.

Why you should choose Courier Mail Drop Movers pharmaceuticals and healthcare logistics services:

Supply Chain Visibility

In the highly sensitive healthcare market, supply chain visibility is considered the main challenge facing the industry leaders. We give it high importance through a full understanding of the industry and the products we have at hand, continuous communication with the client, and IT integration capabilities.

Timeliness and Safety

It can be a matter of life or death. Timeliness and safety is everything in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. You need a reliable logistics partner who takes utmost care when it comes to handling sensitive medical devices, modern high tech appliances and healthcare products.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is ‘Handle with care’. With a commitment to achieving the highest safety standards and adhering to strict regulatory requirements throughout the supply chain, Courier Mail Drop Movers understands the critical demands in your industry where precious lives are involved.

Continuous Improvement

We always make sure that our operations meet the latest technological advancements in storage processes and special transportation to and from the warehouse to be able to meet time-sensitive delivery goals critical to human health.

Consistency and Efficiency

We ensure efficiency and consistency, maintain the confidentiality of the proprietary knowledge, offer continuous improvements by reducing the time and manpower required to order, track, deliver, and stock medical products, and comply with the regulatory requirements.

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